The 27th Annual Health Week Symposium Of IFUDSA


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Greetings to the distinguished guests present here,

I welcome you all to this seminar program on the occasion of the 27th annual health week of the Obafemi  Awolowo University  Dental Students’  Association. A period that marks the tail end of an administrative year, where we get our intellect sharpened in preparation for the reality of life ,even in  the health sector and far beyond. It is upon this premise that we’ve chosen this year’s theme to be: Health meets tech; harnessing information technology and artificial intelligence in the 21st century dental practice. This idea was based on the current trend observed and our quest to get integrated into the system and to get along with the train of technology. I’m quite sure that the guest speaker chosen for today will do justice to our subject matter, expousing us on the reality which will invariably be instrumental   to the progress of our career now and beyond.

On this wonderful day, ladies and gentle men, permit me to give thanks to God almighty, the grand architect of the universe for seeing us through even till this moment of our administration. This current administrative year have been through the thicks and thins of activities, unwarranted hurly burly and also saddled with the responsibility for a democratic performance.

We have conducted a fantastic and a strategic orientation program for the fresh men now stalites,  expousing  them on the reality of the profession and getting them integrated into the association and the faculty, an experience not to be forgotten even till the day of graduation.
On major activity, a yearly tradition is our community outreach programs known as CODEH aimed at sensitizing the general publicity on the need for good oral health care. This was on top gear during the course of the administration and I’m proud to say here today that we’ve extended this campaign far beyond the confines of our school, our uncommon participation in the world oral health day activities continues to speak  volumes .

The welfare of students remains  paramount to us, one major challenge we were batted with was the accommodation for our students, we fought this cause relentlessly till our demands were met, this remains a feat whose glory we owe to the faculty of dentistry staffs headed by dean of the faculty(Prof. F.J Owotade) and Vice dean(Dr Mrs. Kolawole).
Let me say categorically that we were never for once oblivious of the intellectual diet of our people and this was kept at par via the continuous release of educational oriented articles for our students and for  public consumption .We were also keen on the furtherance of a well-fortified quiz club involved in constant tutorials of students within the college and adequate representation on various outings: I’m proud to say that we were the Ist runner up at the Prof. Akinosi  annual inter-school dental quiz competition that took place on the 31st of October, 2018 at the university of Lagos and also the 2nd runner up  at the inter-faculty debate organized by the National Association of Science Students of the Obafemi  Awolowo University on the 7th of May, adding to IFUDSA’s award collection for the first times in a while; this amongst other achievements time will not permit me to mention.

In this age of technology; I’m glad to announce to you that our official website,, will be launched today , this we believe will place our association at a cutting edge of administrative excellence, further empower the activities of our association with all manners of suitable and relevant  information needed for easy access and progress in the 21st century. Also the editorial team will be coming up with their long awaited magazine titled oral-watch which will also be launched  here, the magazine is filled with articles that will blow-up the mind of every living homo sapien.

In a bid to consolidate our social life style, we have organized well relaxing and fantastic funtrips, movie show with a record attendance  and novelty games amongst other activities to stabilize the minds of our students and to douse the day-day tension emanating from the academic rigors of college activities. While we have also been well involved in nationwide NADS congress at the University of Port Hacourt to further consolidate our membership.
All the aforementioned activities and achievements remain a tip of the iceberg for I can go on and on but the tickling clock would rather not permit me.

Once again I welcome everyone here, recognizing the presence of our invited guests from various association. It promises to be a well educating session and I humbly urge everyone here to relax and enjoy every bit and thrill of the moments.

Thank you very much.
I salute you all.

Emmanuel Famutimi
President, IFUDSA

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